Friday, 6 January 2012

Course Outline!

Day One:  Hardware
·         Ion sources
·         Mass analysers
·         Detectors
·         Examples of instruments
Ion optics
·         Current and charge
·         Electrostatic and Magnetic Fields
·         Motion of charged particles
·         Mass calibration and magnet control
·         Geometric optics
·         Focusing by electrostatic and magnetic sectors
·         Energy (double) focusing
·         Peak shape
·         Mass resolving power
·         Nuclear mass defect
·         Abundance sensitivity
·         Faraday cups
·         Ion couting

Day Two:  Calibration and Sample Preparation
Lecture 1: Introduction
Lecture 2: Reference Materials part I
Lecture 3: Reference Materials part II
Lecture 4. Methods for measuring U isotopic using TIMS and UF6 Mass spectrometry
Lecture 5. Isotope dilution and tracer calibration (mixed elemental and/or isotopic)
Lecture 6. Principles of sample analyses by microbeam methods (mainly LA-ICP-MS)
Lecture 7. Sample purification by ion exchange

Short Course Dinner: Jamie’s Italian (top floor), 7.30 for 8.00.

Day Three:   Data reduction and Uncertainties
Lecture 1: the language of uncertainty, error, bias, precision, accuracy.  What do they all mean?
Lecture 2:  Measurement uncertainty-some basics
Lecture 3:  Limits of detection, background evaluation and assessing performance
Lecture 4: Uncertainty/error propagation
Lecture 5: Over-determined systems


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